Cryptor 5.0 Standard is the latest in our line of encryption products. It introduces our new 'inXight Technology' and boasts an impressive list of enhancements;

New Features

  • inXIght Technology - Developed to allow greater control and access to encrypted data. Many new features have been made possible making use of this technology.
  • Visual FoxPro 8.0 Support - Cryptor 5.0 offers full support and compatibility with Visual FoxPro 8.0, 7.0 and 6.0 through its new easy to use COM interface.
  • KONxiSE Support - Gain ultimate protection ! Cryptor 5.0 can be used inside applications that have been compressed and protected by KONxiSE.
  • Deep Mode - Part of the 'inXIght Technology', every aspect of you application can have access to Cryptors powerful encryption engine.
  • MapObjects Support - Encrypt your .shp, .shx and .dbf files.
  • ADO Support - Made possible with our new 'inXIght' technology.
  • Enhanced Flexibility - Gives you complete control of what Cryptor 5.0 has sight of.
  • Secure File Deletion - The new "Shred File" feature can securely overwrite your sensitive files and delete them ensuring nothing can be retrieved.
  • Compatibility - Cryptor 5.0 supports all of the encryption algorithms in Cryptor 4.0 easing the transition from previous versions.
  • Ease of Use - Cryptor has been re-engineered to give utmost ease of use by the rationalisation of its API and a new COM interface.

How it works

Cryptor 5.0 transparently and selectively encrypts / decrypts " on the fly" by intercepting the data as it moves from the disk to the your application and vice versa - so the data on the disk is always encrypted. Unauthorized users will see a completely scrambled and meaningless file. There are no alternative keys - only the password will give normal access.

One module distribution

Cryptor 5.0 is a 32Bit DLL supporting Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2K and Windows XP. There are no drivers, services or VxD's to distribute with your product, just the one convenient self contained DLL.

COM Object

Cryptor is now even easier to program, the COM object is supported by most modern programming environments. Its interface defines a set of methods and properties making it now even easier to take advantage of Cryptor. What's more the code you write is remarkably similar whatever your language preference, making transitions between languages a snap.

What development platforms can I use Cryptor 5.0 with ?

Cryptor 5.0 can be used from the following development platforms :

  • Visual FoxPro 5,6,7 and 8
  • Visual Basic 5 or above
  • Visual C++ 5 or above
  • Borland Delphi 4 or above
  • Borland C++Builder 3 or above
  • Borland C++ 5.02
  • Microsoft Access'97
  • Map Info 4.1
  • the list goes on .... 

How secure is Cryptor 5.0 encryption ?

Cryptor 5.0 Standard contains the same powerful encryption algorithm used in earlier versions of Cryptor. These earlier products gained the reputation as the most secure encryption product available for FoxPro, by FoxPro users. Previously subject to export restrictions, the algorithm has now had these lifted.

Is Cryptor 5.0 compatible with previous versions ?

Absolutely, Cryptor 5.0 was developed with backward compatibility in mind, so all algorithms that were available in Cryptor 4.0 are supported making your already encrypted data easily accessible through Cryptor 5.0 too.

What code changes do I have to make to incorporate Cryptor 5.0 ?

Cryptor can selectively encrypt any file that your program uses directly. Once Cryptor has been initialized and the encrypted files have been successfully registered, there are no further program changes required. Depending on how you organize your encrypted files the code changes can be as small as adding one line of code, total !!!

The initial encryption of an existing unencrypted file requires use of the EncodeFile method passing the filename and a password. Subsequently, the Cryptor 5.0 registration method Register with the same parameters will enable 'normal' access to the file by your application although the file is now encrypted on disk !


Please email us to receive a Cryptor 5.0 evaluation copy.

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