Xitech are not currently able to make web based sales transactions. Please fax us your order and we will be happy to call you back to take credit card details verbally. Products can be emailed to the customer for same-day use if required.

If upgrading please supply details of current serial number and version.

If ordering from within the EC, please also supply your VAT registration details.

We are also able to supply UK customers with other competitively priced popular FoxPro software titles, general PC business software and related peripherals and consumables.

Price Lists

There are no price lists included on-line, please email Xitech at pricelist@xitech.co.uk to have a current price list emailed back to you. Alternatively you may request a price list to be faxed to you.

Competitive Upgrades

If you wish to purchase one of our products and feel that you already own software that could be deemed as a competitor of the Xitech product, please call us as a discount may be granted when you order.

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Many good quality distributors carry Xitech (Europe) products. A complete list or a list for specific areas can be obtained by following the links. We have also provided links to web sites of other companies whose products or services are either related to our own products or we just feel may be of interest to our customers.

Would you like to appear on this list ? Please email or fax us with details of your company and we will be pleased to consider your request to act as a dealer or distributor of our software tools.

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